It all started with a Christmas gift, and perhaps the greatest I will ever receive, a Scotch tasting at our local liquor store. Until that day I had no idea the places that my nose could take me, and oh has it taken me places! Fast forward to today after continuing the journey of mind blowing discovery and fermented beverage has become my life, my career and my deepest passion, and I want to share it with the world. 

Since that special day, my focus took a slight turn to the world of wine. I spent countless days studying and exploring the seemingly never ending plethora of information and opinions on this mysterious world of fermented grape juice. After completing a series of exams and starting an import company, I started to write without any direction, sometimes I think my brain was just trying to dump some of the excess mumbo-jumbo and take a breather, but I seemed to love doing it so maybe someone would enjoy reading some of my opinions, I mean hey, if there is already too much nonsense out there to pay attention to, why not add more right?! So here I am, writing to anyone who will read it, these are my thoughts on the world of wine, food, beer, spirits, and possibly anything else with an ABV%. Thank you for being my audience, and wine on my friends, wine on...

Modest Somm:

NOUN - A wine steward that is modest or attempts to avoid snobbery.